[Top 3 Reasons] Why to Knockdown Rebuild Your House?

Many homeowners, when confronted with life-altering conditions, discover that their home no longer suits them.

For starters, they’re unsure whether to address the issue by relocation, restoration, or a full knockdown and rebuild (KDR). It’s a perplexing decision for homeowners. After all, nobody wants to make an error for their most valuable possession.

That is why, at Watson Site Services, we would like to discuss the top five reasons why we think the knockdown reconstruction beats the alternatives.

3 Reasons to Knockdown Rebuild Your House

Adds Value

If you need additional space for your expanding family or want to expand out. It’s worth considering whether all of your desires and planned changes can be accommodated inside, or at the very least, made to complement the footprint and design of your existing house.

Very much, expansions and additions resemble Frankenstein’s monster—a little of this theme, a little of that, with a dash of optimism tossed in. If you plan to sell your home in the future, such a property would not be worth the money you invested.

Cost Friendly

For many homeowners, the price would still be a primary consideration. Although each option has its own collection of costs, we assume the KDR offers the best value.

Homeowners will incur thousands of dollars in taxes and real estate agent commissions when selling and re-buying. There are costs that restoration or KDR will remove. While a full reconstruction may seem to be the more expensive choice at first glance, this is not necessarily the case.

If a house is constructed, each component has a life expectancy—paint will last approximately five years. A shingled roof approximately twenty years, and central air conditioning approximately a decade.

New Start

When you want to demolish and reconstruct, you are effectively resetting the physical assets of the building, granting you the peace and security associated with a new residence.

Not just that, but newer homes are usually simpler and less expensive to maintain. All of the appliances, floors, doors, and cupboards are brand new. Additionally, there is a significantly reduced chance of termite infestation or mold growth as a result of unseen water leakage.


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