How long does demolition takes?

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Apart from expenses, one of the most common concerns that individuals have when deciding to demolish their homes is the length of time it will take.

The remedy is sadly neither simple nor “one-size-fits-all” as with several of these general demolition issues.

The reality is that each property is unique and comprises a variety of factors that all influence the time it takes to demolish it.

In most cases, knocking on your existing house is a rather quick process – in some cases, it might take as little as a day. However, you need to allow two months to complete the entire phase, which should be factored into your construction project plan.

Let us first break demolition into pieces and see how long they take to complete; this will help us understand how long demolition takes.

Demolition Process

Getting the necessary permits

The Australian government requires demolition permission before a property can be demolished.

Owning and paying off your home in full does not require this move. Nevertheless, if you have outstanding debt, such as a mortgage or a loan, you may need to get permission before beginning a demolition project. You can also get renovation or restoration funding from your lender. The process of getting a permit can take 10-20 days, but there is no need to be present at all times. Your only task now is to apply for the necessary permits and wait for them to arrive.

Utility disconnections

Be sure that all utility facilities, including energy, sewage, sanitation, and gas, are removed from the property before demolition begins. The simple act of disconnecting the services isn’t enough. Make sure that both lines are removed from the land once and for all. A gas meter and an energy meter must be removed for this. Your service provider can help you with these facilities. We can disable your account and remove all your data within 10 business days without your active participation.

Asbestos Abatement

Australian legislation classifies asbestos as a toxic substance. A specialist must also remove asbestos. Because asbestos exposure during disposal may result in significant health problems, strict regulation must be followed. Asbestos must be effectively disposed of by obtaining the appropriate certificates. It is necessary to inform neighbours about the operation. The substance must be disposed of in a safe way, in accordance with Australian government legislation, in order to avoid harming the public or the environment. Usually, it takes about a week to complete.

Removal of salvaged items

Before tearing down a building, it is necessary to remove everything from the site. Bricks, mortar, floorboards, and steel that are already in place take longer to restore, which prolongs demolition time. Depending on how long you want to stay.

Knocking down the property

Your house will be knocked down in a specific amount of time-based on a variety of factors. Determining the type of demolition, the size of your property, the location of your property, the time it took to remove rubbish, etc.

Typically, finding demolition contractors and preparing to knock down a building take a month of planning. We’re talking about the date when the property is to be demolished. It can take anywhere between a day to a few weeks.


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