Texture Coating – An Alternative to Paint


Here it is not about just coating or painting. It’s all about the home and every part of it must feel warm. The texture should make the area look more alive and comfortable. The texture is often misinterpreted as only the uneven surface of a floor. However it is far more than that. There are a wide range of textures, ranging from mirrored smoothness to rough surface. We have to live with our walls as well. A pretty and presentable home is all you want. Let’s look through the texture coating options and see which one is best suited for you.

With any type of personal relationship or home renovation, durability matters the most. As the longer it stays, the better it gets. Textured coatings get an edge in this respect. As they are highly durable against heat, water, wind, and UV-rays. As an interior coating, it provides ultimate resiliency. Better protection for your wall from excessive sagging, peeling, flaking and fungi growth.

Texture coatings may be mesmerizing in appearance, but they require no special techniques or treatments to be done. Through this whole process, no complicated applications are required after all. It is very durable and provides a long-lasting protection to your home. Once the texture coating is applied, you do not have to bother about coating or painting for several more years to come.

Your house interior needs a new look after all those years of wears and tears. Those patched up walls need some urgent coverup, as some patch is virtually impossible to disguise. Texture coating is your best choice because it covers all the imperfections of your walls. It makes your wall more opaque and has a greater sheen. As exterior coatings are rather soft in nature, texture coats would save on regular replacement of them.

Texture coatings are applied over thick paint coatings to create a textured surface. Because varied textures are possible with texture coatings, layered on top of rendered surfaces they combine many different colour and texture combinations. Some texture coatings offer fairly fine coatings that will achieve a result similar to painted cement renders. It is, therefore, advised to finish the joints flush when using these coatings on bricks. By doing this, you will still see the brick shape through the coating. Texture coating can be applied to any surface, not just external walls, such as painted brick surfaces, concrete ceilings, or internal walls. Texture Coating – An Alternative to Paint.

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