6 Reasons Blocked Drains Are Common In Sydney

Image presents 6 Reasons Blocked Drains Are Common In Sydney

Blocked drains Sydney Wide are common – especially during rainy weather. They lead to major drain blockages that cause flooding, sewage backups and health problems. A blocked drain can be caused by anything from tree roots to broken pipes. If you suspect there’s a need for blocked drain repairs, call a blocked drain plumber immediately.

Draining water from pipes can be dangerous because they carry bacteria and viruses into our homes, that’s why it is important to have drain cleaning regularly. This can cause illnesses such as pneumonia, stomach flu, or diarrhea. If you suspect clogged drains, call a professional plumber who’ll clear it out safely.

There are several reasons why drains get clogged and what to do to unclog them. Let’s take a look at some of these causes and solutions.

  1. Tree Roots

Tree roots grow deep into the ground, pushing up against underground water mains causing sewer lines to break. This can cause serious damage to your property and health issues such as nosebleeds, headaches, nausea and even vomiting.

  1. Broken Pipes

Broken pipe situations happen often because sewer pipes become old and brittle over time. When this happens, it leads to small leaks in the walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchen sinks, basements and bedrooms. These can quickly turn into big ones if left unattended because of the potential for sewage backup and flood damage.

  1. Damaged Pipework

Damaged pipework causes minor leakages and slow drips in the bathroom and kitchen areas. However, when the number of damaged pipes increases, it becomes too much for the system to handle, leading to overflows and sewage backup which will need a pipe relining immediately.

  1. Debris Overflows

Clogs formed by debris in sewers are also known as “overflows”. The buildup of large amounts of debris in drains creates lots of pressure and slows down the flow of wastewater. Eventually, the pressure builds up enough that it bursts through the overflow valve on the main line.

  1. Chemical Leaks

Chemical leaks occur when chemicals leach into your sewers due to cracks in your piping. Not only is this highly dangerous to your health but it will eventually make its way into your basement.

  1. Roof Drain Issues

Roof drains are designed to catch rainwater runoff from the roof to prevent it from leaking onto nearby properties. However, trees, shrubs and even lawn furniture can obstruct these drains, causing leakage and drainage issues.

Local Plumbing Service in Sydney

A blocked sewer is one of those things that seems like a small plumbing problem but can end up being a huge inconvenience. Whether you have a blocked toilet, sink or shower, it is highly recommended to call a licensed plumber to do the job right the first time.

Plumbers are experts in plumbing and hot water systems. They have years of experience knowing everything about pipes and how to fix leaks and unblock drains fast. However, there is no way you can avoid water damage in your home or office unless you hire professional blocked drains Sydney plumber to do it. 

You must understand that water damage can cause serious issues for you because water infiltration can destroy walls, ceilings, floors, and even furniture. If you want to prevent such damage from happening, you need to call 24 hour local plumbers in Sydney.

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional plumber. Here are some benefits of having a professional plumber work on your property.

  • Professional plumbers are trained to handle a wide variety of repairs related to plumbing systems. This means you don’t have to worry about anything else while waiting for help.
  • When you hire a professional plumber, he/she will repair your damaged plumbing system quickly. He/she knows exactly what tools and materials are needed to restore your plumbing system to working properly.
  • With proper training, plumbers can perform complicated plumbing jobs without causing major problems. For example, they can replace old parts, install new ones, and clean out dirty pipes.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot access a pipe inside your house or building, you need to contact local plumbers in Sydney immediately. A leaky pipe can easily lead to structural damage. Therefore, calling professionals like plumbers is very important. 

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