How We Safely Remove Large Trees from Small Spaces?

How We Safely Remove Large Trees from Small Spaces?

Removing large trees is a hard job and one that should always be left to a licensed professional. There are many safety risks involved, and you may also damage nearby buildings. Tree removal becomes even more challenging when the tree is in a small, tight space. Find out more about how our licensed and trained tree surgeons will safely remove large trees from small spaces in Sydney.

Safety of our contractors and clients is our topmost priority when we remove large trees. Here are the steps we take to remove large trees:

  • A bucket truck is used to hoist a crew member and transport them to the first part of the tree to be removed.
  • When the bucket truck is positioned, the tree surgeon then slowly and methodically trims off small pieces, one by one. Before each section is removed, a rope is tied around it to make sure it can be lowered safely to the ground without hitting any people, buildings, or vehicles. Then we do the same thing over and over until there are no higher parts of the tree left to be removed.
  • Following the removal of the tree’s canopy and higher branches, our crews will proceed down the trunk of the tree to assess the best way to remove it.
  • Once we have fully removed the tree and loaded all parts of the tree safely into our trailer, we will haul the tree off your property.

Deciding when to remove a tree can be an extremely difficult decision. This is why it’s always a good idea to leave this decision to the professionals. If you start to notice any of these signs, call Ultra Tree Services!

  • If the lower trunk of the tree is cracked or broken, it will most likely need to be removed.
  • The roof of your home has branches hanging over it, resulting in potentially thousands of dollars of damage if a branch falls on it.
  • An arborist may recommend tree removal if a large stem has split from the tree, leading to massive decay and frame weakness.
  • A tree that is leaning toward a target can lead to dangerous structural damages down the line, which include serious injury for people and structures. Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a tree removal specialist.
  • The tree is clearly dead. Even if it’s been dead for several months or years, the longer the tree sits, the more dangerous will it become to you and your home.
  • Occasionally you may notice dead branches hanging from your tree. When these branches fall, they can cause damage to your home, cars, and landscape.
  • A lot of heavy soil surrounds the trunk of your tree. This is a sign that your tree isn’t rooted deeply enough, so you run the risk of the tree falling over.
  • Your tree has mushrooms or fungi growing at its base. If you notice signs of mushrooms or fungi, this may suggest your tree is ill or decaying.
  • If you usually have beautiful blooms and buds on your trees, but they don’t seem to bloom anywhere, your tree may be dead or dying.

Our team can also grind the stump after the large tree has been removed, if you wanted that service as well. It is generally recommended to take the stump out, as it may begin to rot and attract pests. Termites may invade the stump if it is particularly close to a building. Whenever we grind the stump, we always make sure that it reaches six inches below the soil line.

No matter if you have a large tree to be removed for safety reasons, construction, or other reasons, we can do it. At Ultra Tree Services, we can use more than 30 years of experience in working with trees to efficiently and quickly remove large trees from your property. We provide estimates for both homes and businesses in Sydney. Want an estimate? Contact us!

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